Vol 53, No.11
Nov  2021
Impact Factor: 3.848
Editor-in-Chief: Jianping Ding
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Institute of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, SIBS, CAS
Chinese Academy of Sciences
WANG Ying-Lai Foundation
China Association for Science and Technology
Project for Enhancing International Impact of China STM Journals
International Association for Biological and Medical Research
Selected Articles from the Current Issue
Targeting UPR branches, a potential strategy for enhancing efficacy of cancer chemotherapy
Mengchao Yu, Jie Lun, Hongwei Zhang, Lei Wang, Gang Zhang, Haisheng Zhang, and Jing Fang

Aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling pathway plays important roles in the proliferative and metabolic properties of bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells
Yan Jia, Youshan Zhao, Zheng Zhang, Lei Shi, Ying Fang, and Chunkang Chang

Oct4 downregulation-induced inflammation increases the migration and invasion rate of oral squamous cell carcinoma
Shuntao Sun, Hongyu Yang, Feng Wang, and Shanshan Zhao

Effect of Sox9 on TGF-β1-mediated atrial fibrosis
Hechuan Wang, Yiqi Chen, Shuting Zhao, Xiaowen Wang, Kai Lu, and Hua Xiao

Chlorothalonil induces the intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction in Caco-2 cell-based in vitro monolayer model by activating MAPK pathway
Huaping Tao, Zhiwei Bao, Zhengwei Fu, and Yuanxiang Jin

Evaluation of antimicrobial and anticancer activities of three peptides identified from the skin secretion of Hylarana latouchii
Yan Lin, Tianxing Lin, Ningna Cheng, Shuting Wu, Jiancai Huang, Xiaoling Chen, Tianbao Chen, Mei Zhou, Lei Wang, and Chris Shaw

Exosomal lncRNA FOXD3-AS1 upregulates ELAVL1 expression and activates PI3K/Akt pathway to enhance lung cancer cell proliferation, invasion, and 5-fluorouracil resistance
Guangxian Mao, Zhimin Mu, and Da Wu

Resveratrol induces proliferation in preosteoblast cell MC3T3-E1 via GATA-1 activating autophagy
Xiang Liu, Jun Tao, Yueyi Yao, Ping Yang, Juhui Wang, Mali Yu, Jianhong Hou, Ying Zhang, and Li Gui

Quercetin inhibits the proliferation of multiple myeloma cells by upregulating PTPRR expression
Houcai Wang, Dandan Yu, Hui Zhang, Ruye Ma, Huiqun Wu, Huili Zhai, Huaping Wang, Jingjing Li, Liping Li, Yingcong Wang, Taofang Cheng, and Jumei Shi

Effect of silicon-doped calcium phosphate cement on angiogenesis based on controlled macrophage polarization
Soomin Lee, Zheng Li, Dehua Meng, Qinming Fei, Libo Jiang, Tengfei Fu, Ze Wang, Shuhao Liu, and Jian Zhang

PSPC1 regulates CHK1 phosphorylation through phase separation and participates in mouse oocyte maturation
Jiong Li, Peng Cui, Qi Sun, Ziye Du, Zhen Chen, Zejia Li, Cong Liu, Yuming Cao, Zhe Yang, Rong Liu, and Mengcheng Luo

Long non-coding RNA BACE1-AS plays an oncogenic role in hepatocellular carcinoma cells through miR-214-3p/APLN axis
Qing Tian, Xiaodong Yan, Long Yang, Zirong Liu, Zheyue Yuan, and Yamin Zhang

Syndecan-2, negatively regulated by miR-20b-5p, contributes to 5-fluorouracil resistance of colorectal cancer cells via the JNK/ERK signaling pathway
Ruheng Hua, Yan Zhang, Xiyue Yan, Dong Tang, Xiaolong Li, Qingfeng Ni, Daorong Wang, and Jianwei Zhu

Acidic microenvironment enhances MT1-MMP-mediated cancer cell motility through integrin β1/cofilin/F-actin axis
Lubiao Liang, Ran Sui, Yongxiang Song, and Yajin Zhao

Highlighted Articles  
Metformin as an anti-cancer agent: actions and mechanisms targeting cancer stem cells

Atorvastatin blocks increased l-type Ca2+ current and cell injury elicited by angiotensin II via inhibiting oxide stress

Bacillus thuringiensis peptidoglycan hydrolase SleB171 involved in daughter cell separation during cell division

Leukocyte populations and IL-6 in the tumor microenvironment of an orthotopic colorectal cancer model

YB-1, a new biomarker of glioma progression, is associated with the prognosis of glioma patients

Ethanol-related alterations in gene expression patterns in the developing murine hippocampus

The receptor proteins: pivotal roles in selective autophagy

Differential expression of bone morphogenetic protein 5 in human lung squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma

Hyperpigmentation mechanism of methyl 3,5-di-caffeoylquinate through activation of p38 and MITF induction of tyrosinase

Angiotensin II induces an increase in MMP-2 expression in idiopathic ascending aortic aneurysm via AT1 receptor and JNK pathway

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